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3 reasons to push your brand experience with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is no IT witchcraft and is no longer a challenge for your customers either. Quite the opposite:

Customers are ready for Augmented Reality: they want to explore a product in real context before they buy it
Augmented Reality No more technical hurdles: customers' end devices and store systems are adapted to AR
Augmented Reality is the new shopping standard: available 24/7, including digital "try-on" just like in the real store

Try out products in a real environment at an early stage

Bring your product into a "real" environment or direct interaction with the potential buyer with an AR model. Reduce the risk of costly and unsustainable returns due to bad purchases.


of all consumers want to try out how a product will later fit in at home before they buy it.*

A person places the AR model of a brown armchair in a bright living room environment

Taking the physical store experience to the next level

Complement your physical store experience with Augmented Reality as a digital fun factor. Improve customer engagement with a product or add helpful product information.


of all consumers have Augmented Reality ready devices to experience more anywhere, anytime.*

A person looks at additional digital information in the physical store thanks to green units of measurement of the AR model of a dresser

Do authentic online shopping - 24/7

With an AR model, customers can rotate, turn, push, or even turn products upside down as often as they wish. Especially in standardized e-commerce stores, you can create interactive highlights for your customers.


of all brands were able to significantly increase their conversion rate thanks to Augmented Reality .*

A person rotates the AR model of a brown chair in an online store

"RenderThat has been actively supporting us in the creation of product images and AR models for several years. Thanks to a clear batch processing solution, i.e. the interaction of 3D renderings and Photoshop batch exports, we can display our huge switch portfolio clearly and error free. Even small text changes no longer require classic product photography."

Jochen Janssen
Doepke Schaltgeräte GmbH

Why you should tap your untapped Augmented Reality potential

The Augmented Reality market will grow from approximately $28 billion in 2021 to over $250 billion in 2028.*
Projected growth of Augmented Reality Marks until 2028 with green bars
Augmented Reality
/ɔːɡˌmentɪd riˈæləti/

A technology that combines computer-generated images on a screen with the real object or scene that you are looking at.

Augmented Reality increases customer engagement:

Customers who try products in apps and online stores are active 16 times longer.*

Mock up of an online store in a cell phone and is held by a hand
Augmented Reality increases the shopping conversion rate by more than 94%.*
Augmented Reality reduces returns: 27% of all returns are due to the fact that a product ordered online does not look as described.*
User views the product digitisation of her hand including rings via AR App by RenderThat.

Your way to AR is easier and cheaper than you think...

... because everything is based on the digital 3D model of your product. It is our expertise to create detailed and functional Augmented Reality models for you on this basis.


of the way you have mostly already gone.


are missing to the finished AR model.

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