3D product visualisation
- without logistics, a studio or retouching

You take care of product marketing, we create the right content for you in a wide variety of formats.

Simply digitise products
Create exciting formats
Use modern workflows

Large industrial and commercial companies trust us with their 3D projects.

How our 3D product visualisation works

Our projects typically go through the following three steps before we deliver the intended formats to our clients.

Bird's eye view of black razor, black camera, white folding rule and black tablet

1. Collecting the references

To create a product digitally, we need references as working material: photos, product samples or CAD data. You choose an option or a combination of this.
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2. Creating the digital 3D model

With the help of the references received, we digitally recreate the "real" product with all its features as a 3D model.
Different devices like laptop, cell phone and tablet with different 3D visualisations

3. Production of the desired formats

Based on your digitised product, we quickly and flexibly create product visualisations in the formats of your choice.

Reduce unnecessary costs

Present your product or product portfolio visually in a way that leaves nothing to be desired for the end customer.

Fewer returns or incorrect orders due to detailed product presentations
Improving the conversion rate thanks to interactive formats
Long-term cost reduction through asset reuse

"The product configurator developed together with RenderThat is a scalable answer to some challenges of our industry. The biggest added value: a first impression of the colour and design of the selected product in the interior design without having to order a sample. Now the full product selection is available to prospective customers with a few intuitive clicks. In addition, all 3D visualisations are of exceptional quality, regardless of light or environment."

Kamillus Wojczyk
Head of IT and Organisation, ANKER

Maximize the use of your content formats

Say goodbye to elaborately staged photoshoots. With digital 3D models, we create unlimited variations, perspectives or scenes for your product marketing.

Natural adaptability in case of language or product adaptations
Easy scalability for all types of product portfolios
Impressive and photorealistic quality

"RenderThat has been actively supporting us in the creation of product images and AR models for several years. Thanks to a clear batch processing solution, i.e. the interaction of 3D renderings and Photoshop batch exports, we can display our huge switch portfolio clearly and error free. Even small text changes no longer require classic product photography."

Jochen Janssen
Head of Digitalisation, Doepke Schaltgeräte
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More speed and independence

Any type of 3D product visualisation can save you tremendous effort, time and logistical expense. You can use these again to get the best out of your product.

Fast delivery of formats
Reduction of logistics and organisation
Independence from product development
Carthago motorhome interior at dusk light

"In the past, there was a long period of time between the production of a mobile home and the publishing of the first product images. When it came to product adjustments or further developments, everything had to be photographed again, which was extremely inflexible, time-consuming and costly. Today, with 3D visualisations at RenderThat, we have found a super solution to get photorealistic images for our customers quickly and flexibly. The collaboration is very professional, the response speed to requests excellent and the possibility for interactive correction very easy."

Irina Morent
Team Lead Design, Carthago mobile home construction
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How RenderThat can support your product marketing team from A to Z

The digital twin can be used in HUB for AR, product images and videos.
With modern 3D visualisation of product portfolios as a holistic service, including consulting
Different devices like laptop, cell phone and tablet with different 3D visualisations
With detailed creation of many static and interactive formats, including quality control
The Community Managers are available to assist the creative talents of the RenderThat Talent Network with 3D design tasks on a daily basis.
With partnership and transparent cooperation, without hidden costs

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