Visual content production has never been easier

Our central tool gives a home to the digital twin of your product. Your interface for creating impressive visualisations that you can manage, expand or share. Your complete content in one place.

RenderThat HUB Ui in a desktop screenInnovative 3D visualisation of a white trainer, created and provided in RenderThat. HUBWhite shoe
Desktop with RenderThat HUB in screen and a white Karl Kani shoe
Have products digitised
Order exciting formats
Organise workflows
Connection to your infrastructure
Work efficiently

Content creation

Requirements for product visualisation in companies today go far beyond pure content creation. The HUB is a platform that provides a stage for the entire digital appearance of your products.

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The digital twin of high-quality headphones can be seen on a screen.
2 people view an exact digital copy of a headphone in a laptop screen

The basis - the digital twin

The digital twin is a digital copy of your product that mirrors the product in shape, colour and surface. This digital copy then serves as a uniform basis for visualisation.

More about the digital twin

Make your content scalable

Especially complicated product portfolios can be efficiently presented on our platform. Based on the digital twin, you create variations, perspective changes or scenes more efficiently than classical methods ever could.

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The RenderThat content-HUB for use in formats such as product images, videos and AR.
RenderThat's 3D Processes & Workflows

Involve your team

In the HUB, you integrate departments, suppliers or partners into the visualisation of your products. Customers can, for example, order images for catalogues or online shops as needed, while you conveniently maintain an overview.

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Your content is future-proof

Of course, you are not bound to classic formats such as images or videos. In the HUB you have access to interactive formats, 360° images or Augmented Reality applications.

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A client uses a Augmented Reality app from RenderThat on a tablet.
Setting the exposure is the final part of creating the digital twin of a photo studio in 3D.

Replace elaborate photoshoots

Many of our clients replace complicated settings with photo-realistic visualisations. This saves effort, time and logistics and can be scaled to all products to work more efficiently.

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Get access to HUB

We developed the HUB because we believe in the power of optimised workflows. We want to pass on this power as a basis for focusing on innovative, exciting visualisations together with you.

2 people view an exact digital copy of a headphone in a laptop screen

Make your
marketing more efficient

The HUB is the perfect tool to use your marketing spend more efficiently. You can practically save costs and e.g. network international teams working with your content. Ideal for large or complicated product portfolios.

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The creative talents of RenderThat are supported in their professional development as 3D designers in the long term.
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