Immersive experience

Virtual Reality - the creation of boundless experiences

Virtual Reality applications bring your users into a digital world fully customised to your product and brand. A unique and exciting experience with your product.

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Unique brand experience

Playfully enhance the brand experience

Virtual Reality applications know no boundaries and create immersive worlds. Users can independently embark on an immersive, digital journey of discovery, communicate with other participants and interact with your brand.

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Trainings & advanced trainings

Make digital education and training cost-efficient

Make digital education and training cost-effective
Virtual Reality solutions can make hard-to-reach places easily accessible to people, transport them digitally into tricky or unusual situations, and tell stories authentically. Virtual Reality is a unique tool to train specialists and reduce your training costs by educating your staff within a VR application.

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Meet particularly creative requirements

The gaming industry is one of the main drivers of the Virtual Reality market and a wonderful role model for creativity in user interactions. Let our team of virtual reality experts help you sketch your idea to the finished product and integrate fun and joy into your desired VR application.

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As a Virtual Reality company, RenderThat delivers exciting applications

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Flexible 3D visualisations for all implementations and brand discovery scenarios.
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Custom creation of the VR application to fit your audience.
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3D designer and project manager with extensive industry experience.

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Reality

Learn more about Virtual Reality.

Are there any requirements for us to work together?

No. Request a free consultation with us directly to find the best solution for your ideas.

How does the creative process work? Who is responsible for the input?

The creative process is completely adapted to the wishes of our customers. If you already have a clear idea of what you want to have implemented, we will take it over. Existing formats can also serve us as an aid. If you do not have a briefing yet, we will gladly take over this part for you and make concrete suggestions.

How much is charged for software integrations?

The integration of a Virtual Reality application is always individual and depends on the existing system landscape and your requirements. Please contact our sales team if you are interested.

What synergy effects can be achieved?

We create a digital 3D model of your product or your entire portfolio in a special environment. With this setup, it's easy to swap out a product, generate other perspectives, or create variations of that scene or product shots. Certain products that are similar can be efficiently visualised by using automation and machine learning technologies to provide excellent value for money.

Other questions?

Just get in touch with our team. We will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

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