3D visualization as the most efficient alternative of product photography

Replace product photography with modern 3D product visualization that sets up your marketing more efficiently.

All 3D visualizations without retouching, material and studio costs
Further perspectives or product variants can be easily implemented
Permanently and quickly customizable setups for all image formats

Large companies have been relying on this innovative method for years:

The advantages of modern 3D visualization

Switching from classic product photography to 3D product visualization works easily and quickly. Thanks to our expert team, you can get beautiful product images in no time without IT or 3D knowledge.

Cost-effective and scalable image production

Dramatically reduce the cost and duration of your image production, especially for similar products (color, labeling, etc.). Error-free product variants and further perspectives can be created within a very short time.

Easily and quickly customizable image formats

Complicated product visualizations and lifestyle scenes can be easily implemented. All product variations are generated from a single 3D model, while parameters such as color, size or material remain adjustable.

Versatile use for all product portfolios

Use 3D visualizations for all products, no matter how big, bulky or fragile the item. Even new e-commerce formats like 360° product images or Augmented Reality models can be produced easily.

3D product visualization vs. classic methods of product photography

Traditional product photo shoots are complex and expensive. Virtual 3D product photography eliminates cumbersome factors like transportation, studio rental, staging, lighting or post-production. This allows you to have photorealistic product images created from any angle at a fraction of the cost.

Shaving in gray photo studio at product shooting with camera

Classic product photography

with product photographer or photo boxes like Orbitvu®.
Bound: to location, photographer and elaborate logistics
With equipment (e.g. camera or photo box), props
Only static usable: one photographed image ≠ more product images
Large, bulky or fragile products are problematic
Post production such as retouching is necessary
Presentation at risk of defects: transport or manufacture can cause product defects
Person views the 3D product visualization of a razor in the desktop screen

3D product visualization

with product digitization and 3D model.
Independent: without location, photographer or complex logistics
Without equipment (e.g. camera or photo box) or props
Always flexible to use: one 3D model infinite number of images
Suitable for any product, regardless of size, texture or material
No post production like retouching necessary
Flawless representation: virtually perfectly created product copies without wear and tear

How our 3D product visualisation works

Our projects typically go through the following three steps before we deliver the intended formats.

Bird's eye view of black razor, black camera, white folding rule and black tablet

1. Collecting the references

To create a product digitally, we need references as working material: photos, product samples or CAD data. You choose an option or a combination of this.
Black and white razor with green lines

2. Creating the digital 3D model

With the help of the references received, we digitally recreate the "real" product with all its features as a 3D model.
Different devices like laptop, cell phone and tablet with different 3D visualisations

3. Production of the desired formats

Based on your digitised product, we quickly and flexibly create product visualisations in the formats of your choice.

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